NOIDS stands for good herbs

We believe in the power of herbs. In their ability to nourish, heal and inspire us.

NOIDS stands for full-spectrum well-being

We strive to develop products that balance your body and mind.

NOIDS stands for undiluted autonomy

We believe in autonomy. Uncensored information and products that help you make your own choices.

NOIDS stands for potent freedom

We believe in the power of freedom.The freedom to experiment, explore and grow, push your boundaries and reach your true potential.

Our adventure began in 2019, with a dream and a prototype. After 11 prototypes and countless hours of hard work, we launched our first NOIDS Cooker in 2020.

Our mission is simple:
  • To help people discover the power of herbs.
  • To offer accessible and user-friendly products for making edibles, oils, butters and extracts.
  • To create a community of people who believe in the power of natural healing.


We are a team of passionate and enthusiastic people who believe in the power of herbs. We share a passion for natural health and well-being, and we are committed to sharing our knowledge and expertise with the world.

Join our adventure! Explore the world of herbs with NOIDS. Visit our shop today!