The Basics of Extractions: Extracting the Essence of Herbs

The Basics of Extractions: Extracting the Essence of Herbs

What is an Extraction?

An extraction is a process by which valuable substances are removed from plant material. This can be done in various ways, such as using solvents like ethanol. Ethanol extractions are a popular method for creating concentrated herb products.

Why Choose Extractions?

Extractions offer several advantages over other methods of herb consumption:

High Concentration: Extractions contain a much higher concentration of plant-based wellness molecules and terpenes than dried herb flowers. This makes them more effective for medicinal purposes and can provide stronger psychoactive effects.

Precise Dosing: With extractions, it is easier to determine the exact dosage of plant-based wellness molecules, which is important for medicinal users.

Versatility: Extractions can be consumed in various ways, such as orally, sublingually, vapes  or in food and beverages.

Longer Shelf Life: Extractions generally have a longer shelf life than dried herb flowers.

Create Powerful and Pure Concentrates of Your Favorite Herbs with NOIDS


  • Activate your herbs in the Cooker.
  • Soak the decarboxylated herbs in ethanol. (3 hours recommended)
  • Filter the plant material using the NOIDS Beaker filter.
  • Fill the beaker with the infused ethanol, place the filter lid (without filter mesh) on the POT, and attach the condenser. Start the "evaporation" function.
  • Done! Once the LED light changes from green to white, your concentrate is ready.

Enjoy the Benefits!

With NOIDS, you can create powerful concentrates quickly and easily. Enjoy pure products and a safe and user-friendly method. Bonus: reuse up to 85% of the ethanol for future extractions!