Infusion Basics: Oil & Butter with a Touch of Magic

Infusion Basics: Oil & Butter with a Touch of Magic

DIY Infusions Made Simple: Create Your Own Infusions

Infusions are a wonderful way to harness the healing power of herbs and integrate them into your daily life. By infusing herbs in oil or butter, you capture the valuable molecules responsible for their beneficial effects. These include pain relief, relaxation, better sleep, and an overall sense of well-being.

From Inactive Molecules to Potent Infusions

Herbs contain a range of plant-based wellness molecules, but these are often in an inactive form. Decarboxylation, the key to activation, can be achieved through heating. This process converts the inactive molecules into active forms that can be absorbed and used by our bodies.

Step-by-Step: Making Infusions with the NOIDS Cooker

The NOIDS Cooker makes creating powerful and effective infusions simple and enjoyable. Follow these steps:

  • Decarboxylate/activate your herbs.
  • For an optimal infusion, grind the herbs finely.
  • Place the ground herbs into the provided NOIDS beaker.
  • Close the lid and place the beaker in the Cooker.
  • Select the Infusion function on the Cooker.
  • The green LED light will turn white when the infusion is complete.
  • Use the NOIDS filter to separate your infusion from the plant material, and you're done.

Experiment and Experience the Natural Benefits of Herbal Infusions

With the NOIDS Cooker and the knowledge of infusions, you can maximize the natural benefits of herbs for your well-being. Experiment, enjoy, and experience the power of nature!